Image Analysis

Metallographic medium speed precision wafering saw Metallographic medium speed precision wafering saw
Software Analysis Materials Plus Weld Check
Measurements Image processing and ASTM measurements (e.g. Grain size, coating thickness, nodularity, porosity, etc.) Penetration, throat height, penetration, leg depths, etc.
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Metallographic Image Analysis Modules

Our range of Image analysis systems provide a single fully integrated analytical tool for study and documentation of microstructures using fast and automatic image processing techniques. Quantification of phases ( ASTM E566, ASTM 1245 ), inclusions ( ASTM E454 / E1245 ), Grain Size ( ASTM E112 ), Nodularity (ASTM A247), Porosity (ASTM A276), Decarburization (ASTM E1077), and coating thickness (ASTM B487) is achieved by capturing the picture through a high resolution color digital camera interfaced to the camera port of the metallurgical microscope. The image is imported onto a Pentium based PC by a specially designed image acquisition card for preview and storage.

Image Analysis

-Measurement tools: calibration, length, angle, perimeter, width, radius, area, circle, color, counting

Metallographic Tools (examples)

- Particle measurement
- Segmentation
-Grain size(Manual,Manual circle, Manual line, Comparison, Automatic circle, Automatic line, ALA, Selection)
- Decarburization
- Nodularity
- Flake
-Coating thickness(Psuedo-color, Parallel-line, Trace, Selected Coating)
- Inclusion
-Porosity (Porosity,Selected area)

Materials Plus provides a customized report generator or reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel (part no. Materials Plus) . Click here to get a quote

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Weld Analysis Modules

Weld Check software is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that enhances the ability to quickly and efficiently measure critical welding features such as fillet welds, throat, leg lengths and penetration (part no. Weld-Check). Weld check Click here to get a quote
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